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Marataba, Limpopo 10-09-2009

TravlePosted by Rasmus Overgaard Jensen Thu, September 10, 2009 15:53:35

Right we are back, sorry for the wait, there should have been one more from Plettenberg Bay but the internet connection went down and we didn’t fancy re-writing every thing, so here goes. A LOT has happened since last.

On our first day on Plettenberg bay we spend the morning on the beach soaking up the rays and lunching on lovely seafood on the deck of a beach side restaurant. In the afternoon we went sea-kayaking, what a fantastic experience. After a thorough introduction to our sturdy two-man sea-kayak on terra firma we were launched out to sea through the swells. Resulting in minor wettage of especially Caroline who was the proud occupant of the front seat (Read she got a good face full of seawater). We were joined on the high seas by our guide and started out looking for a mother and calf Southern Right Whale we had spotted from shore. They proved elusive but after about 30 min we heard them blow behind us, turning the kayaks as fast as possible (NOT that fast for a bulky two-man paddled by two beginners) we are treated to a close up encounter, they were approx 40m away from us. When we were spotted the mother seemed to start taking a bit too much of an inquisitive attitude and our guide reckoned it was best if we retreated. Paddling slowly away from the huge sea mammal we ran in to a juvenile Cape Fur seal making a right mess of his dinner. He was throwing a squid repeatedly up in to the air in order to get the meat off it. We continued to paddle around for another good hour and a half. As we were heading to shore we were treated to another fantastic display, as another Southern Right whale breached repeatedly a couple of hundred meters away. Getting the kayak back to shore was a question of surfing the largest swell we could find and paddling like mad at the same time…. GOOD fun. After this eventful day we dined on a massive platter of seafood, at the deck of the same little restaurant as we had lunch at. All in all a very good day J

Next day we drove to Knysna to just have a little mooch around and try some of the famed Knysna oysters (only Ras is in to that sort of raw produce). The rest of the day was spent relaxing and packing as the day after we had to move on again.

Yesterday we then got up early in the morning and drove to the airport at George (about 90 mins drive), were booked on the first flight to Joburg on a propeller plane. We landed safely and picked up yet another trusty City Golf for our drive to Marataba. The drive took about 4 hours and was hot (due to lack of air conditioning and a particularly hot day) and was slightly slowed by the amount of pot holes on the road – welcome to Africa! We finally arrived into the reserve, and drove through the gates onto sandy tracks (in our little Golf) and were treated to Zebra and Impala on the road as we made our way to the Lodge. We were welcomed with a cold drink and some cool water to wash our face and hands after the trip. Unfortunately we had just missed the afternoon game drive, so we settled into our tent and Ras had his first outdoor shower overlooking the mountains. As we sat down to a nice cool Gin and Tonic on the deck, the first of the game drives returned, shortly afterwards one of the lodge guys ran up to us and asked if we fancied an impromptu game drive, which we obviously jumped at. We all settled in to a jeep with blankets and a torch, and the ranger drove us to a sight where a pride of lions had recently made a kill of an Kudu and were feasting on it (very nosily). As we approached the male Lion, walked past us and sauntered off down the track, the female lion and two juvenile males continued to tear at the flesh and fight between themselves. We all watched in awe as the rangers trained torches on the scene. After a brief (and noisy) tussle the lions split up and continued their meal in different places, all within 10m of us, in the dark a fairly nerve racking experience! What a welcome to Marataba!

High Tea is currently waiting for us, so more updates later! J

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